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Advertising on the Internet is very important for business, no one argues about this anymore. By the end of 2020, the number of Internet users has grown to 4.54 billion and that's a huge audience! If earlier it was necessary to have only a website on the Internet, now this is not enough. You need to do SEO website promotion, content marketing, e-mail marketing and, of course, advertising on the Internet.

What kind of advertising on the Internet happens and what can we offer you to promote your business? All advertising according to its tasks can be divided into 2 large categories: marketing and image.

Image advertising is necessary not for direct sales, but for brand awareness, promotion of interesting content, to increase subscribers on social networks, as well as work with reviews and the formation of positive information about the brand. Your image can be managed by digital PR marketers and our content marketers will be engaged in the distribution of useful content.

An advertising should drive traffic to the site from search engines, so you need Google Ads , Yandex ads, and of course traffic from social networks. Therefore, you need Facebook ads , advertising on Instagram , VK, OK, etc., and you also need traffic from other sites (for example, from message boards). All traffic must be targeted so that there are conversions on the site (registration, purchases, etc.). For the sale of goods and services, social networks must also be an additional sales channel (for example, sales in the messenger or lead generation). All advertising companies are aimed only at selling goods and services.

These are the types of advertising we can offer for your business. Considering that omnichannel sales entered the business by the end of 2020, we offer omnichannel online sales for successful work in 2021. Interested ?! Want to know more? Contact us.

Where will we advertise for omnichannel sales?

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Why do you need to order advertising from us?

Individual Approach

Unlike many other companies, we use an individual approach to each client. We always strive to make your website dream come true. We have experience in creating websites of varying complexity - from landing pages to online stores. We know how to make a website with high conversion.

Qualified Employees

WebSEOMarket is a team of qualified specialists in web design and layout who are ready to work on an individual solution for your future website. Always in touch for you SEO specialists and marketers.

24/7 Online Support

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and help you to solve any problems that arise in your business. Programmers, designers, SEO and SMM specialists are always in touch.

Various Payment Methods

We work as a legal entity. You can pay for our services via bank transfer (no cash). Both individuals and legal entities can work with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quate difficult to compare these 2 types of advertising, but we will try to answer:
- SMM (promotion in social networks) is convenient to choose if you have a service type of business and need to communicate with clients (for example, the production of custom-made furniture )
- advertising on Google or Yandex is relevant if you need constant traffic to the site and communication with customers is not needed or these interactions are minimal (promotion of an online store, for example)
- It is better to choose SMM if there is a target audience on the site, here we can advise you what it will be economically profitable
- advertising on Google or Yandex is relevant if there are queries in search engines and this is an already known service or product (for example, dentist services. Searching for "tooth treatment" a person who has a toothache will not sit on social networks, but will purposefully search for a solution to his problem in Google or Yandex)

SMM gives an almost instant effect, for 1 month of work (this is the minimum period of cooperation with us) you will already see an increase in subscribers, new applications and new content. With long-term cooperation, the result from targeted advertising and from work in social networks will be more significant. We will monitor the effectiveness of each advertising company, segment your target audience, and use statistics for this. With long-term cooperation (more than 1 year), your return on investment will be higher, given that a number of activities will be carried out for an effective advertising campaign.

- Target is the understanding of WHO, WHEN and WHERE should see your advertisement in the news feed of Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. There are geotargets when a geographic location for advertising is specified (for example, only Riga or Berlin). Targets related to people's interests or behavior (for example, recently moved). There are tons of other targets that help you find your target audience and help sell your products and services.
- Targeted ads on Facebook and other social networks are configured so that only your target audience sees these ads. Right on target! This is very convenient for business, since the advertising budget is spent only on the target audience.

- the cost of promotion (pay per click)
- constant traffic to your site
- position in the top, taking into account paid advertising for search queries
- a huge selection of types of advertising on Google (video, product, banner, search, Google maps)

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